It’s That Time Again . . .

Asheville Humane Society 2018 Holiday Ornament by Copper Witch Designs

Time for the limited-edition holiday ornament for Asheville Humane Society.  When I started this project in 2012, I honestly didn’t know if it was a good idea or not.  However, it seems to have caught on and it’s definitely one of my favorite projects each year!  As in prior years, I create a limited number … Read more

What are Those?????!!!!!

Chicken feet. Forged copper chicken feet. Cute, aren’t they? Well, I think they are.  And I bet you will, too, once you know their story, because these copper chicken feet are part of this year’s holiday ornament for Asheville Humane Society – a copper and bronze chicken that can be used as an ornament, metal … Read more

It’s Almost Halloween – Let’s Talk About Witches

Little Forged Copper Witches, that is… For most of my life, my brother has held the opinion that I’m a witch. Not a bad witch…just a witch. It’s probably due to my weird dreams and imagination. Or, how I relate to nature. Or, maybe he just sees something else there.  Me? I’m not sure. But, … Read more

Let’s talk about forged copper animals…

Not just any old forged copper animals.   These copper animals are holiday ambassadors, maybe even little heroes, for animal welfare.  Each year for the past five years, I’ve created and donated a limited-edition holiday ornament to Asheville Humane Society for use in a holiday fundraising campaign.  The ornaments, which are hand forged from copper and other … Read more