About Copper Witch Designs™

Copper Witch Designs™ specializes in creating hand made, one-of-a-kind copper jewelry pieces.

There are two underlying concepts that influence how I create my designs: First, there is a difference between symmetry and balance. Second, nothing survives this world without getting some “dings” along the way. To me, that difference between symmetry,  balance and the accumulation of “dings”, is what creates character… what gives everything its own unique footprint in this world.  When I first started making art I strove for absolute perfection. But, whenever I achieved that, I felt as if I had worked my pieces to the ultimate extreme in boredom. The pieces I liked best were those that weren’t quite perfect… the ones where  square wasn’t exactly square, but another not-quite-perfect shape balanced it out, in the same way that each leaf in nature is never quite symmetrical. This gradually changed my philosophy, not just about artwork, but also about life. Life is imperfect. Creating balance from chaos is gratifying and yields unique, unexpected results. This is where my process for creating begins; first I make the chaos…then I pull it together. All of the working parts are created separate from the final design. I create various colored patinas on several sheets of metal. I cut leaves (patterned from real leaves I’ve found on the ground) and geometric shapes from those metals, working from the unique patterns I see in the patinas. I collect flowers, leaves and pods from nature and embed them in resin. Each of these parts is created with only that individual part in mind. Then, when I have lots of unique parts to work with, I sit down and start designing, combing these various parts to create order from chaos by balancing their shapes, colors and textures, until I see each piece come into its own unique design, with its own unique character.

Only the best materials

All of the copper I use in my pieces (including wire and tubing) is pure, raw copper, guaranteeing that my copper pieces are 100% nickel-free and hypoallergenic. The colorings on my copper are created by using heat from a butane torch or treating the copper with natural elements, such as sulfur, vinegar or salt water.

Jewelers’ Bronze, also known as “Merlin’s Gold” is a non-allergenic alloy of 85% copper and 15% zinc created by jewelers to replicate the warm hues of high karat gold, but at a much more affordable price.  I love working with this metal because it gives me the smooth qualities of copper and the rich look of gold.

Metal clays are made from recycled pure copper or silver that has been ground to a fine powder and suspended in clay-like binders that allow it to be worked like clay.  After a piece has been formed it is fired, during which time the binders burn off and the resulting piece is 99.99% pure silver or copper.  I love these clays for their ability to beautifully replicate the textures found in nature.

All of my findings (clasps, earring wires, etc.) are either made by me from the hypoallergenic materials I use or are purchased for their nickel-free qualities.  The silver wire that I use is pure silver-plated copper, which I prefer to sterling silver as sterling silver is an allow of 92% silver and 8% nickel, which is still enough to cause an allergic reaction in many people.

Commitment to Quality

My focus is on providing you with the highest quality product that has the least negative impact on our environment.  I purchase only top grade raw materials made in the United States. Whenever possible, I use recycled, natural, eco-friendly materials in the production of my work. My jewelry is nickel-free and hypoallergenic. All of your purchases will arrive in my own hand-made, custom packaging, suitable for gifting. Packages are shipped on Wednesdays and Fridays via the United States Postal Service using 3 to 5-day shipping with tracking. If you require faster shipping service, please contact me to discuss options.

Ensuring Satisfaction

It is my hope that you will never have any problems with your purchase from my store.  However, if you do, I gladly accept returns and exchanges.  I ask that you contact me within 14 days of delivery to discuss any problems.  Returns will be accepted up to 30 days following delivery.

Your Personal Information

I do not store any of your financial information on our site. I use SSL encryption on my site and I process all credit cards through PayPal. PayPal has the highest encryption available and your financial information is protected through their extremely secure encryption, so you can rest assured that your privacy is protected. My site uses cookies to report on how many visitors have been on my site and the city where they are from, but that is the extent of the information I collect. You may view my store privacy policy by clicking here.